The “S” Word

I really never liked the word. You know … the “S” word: “Safe.” When I was first exposed to rider training, I had fears that with every step I took to become a “safe” rider, a proportionate amount of fun would be sapped from the riding experience. I equated “safe” with words such as “slow” and “dull” and “wimpy.” But does safety have to equate to “dull?” I never set out to be a “safe” rider as my primary objective. My intention has always been to be a better, more proficient, and more strategic street rider. Along the way to developing those skills, I found that I became a significantly safer rider in the process. And the best part is that I was still able to enjoy a spirited pace through the mountain twisties I enjoy so much. In fact, I was enjoying brisk riding even more because I was having fewer “Oh s**t!” moments thanks to adopting smarter street strategies. Could it be that safety might possibly be fun? That reducing risk can actually enhance riding enjoyment? Is the “S” word just in need of a good public relations campaign? After some consideration, I’m beginning to think that just might be a safe assumption.



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