About the Stayin’ Safe blog

Welcome to the Stayin’ Safe advanced motorcycle training program blog. We will use this forum to discuss riding proficiency, training programs and related issues and just about anything on riders’ minds. Our goal at Stayin’ Safe is to not only increase the margin of safety for motorcyclists, but to vastly enhance riding enjoyment. So, whether you’re a lifelong rider, a re-entry rider or new to the sport, we hope you’ll find this blog to be a valuable forum to discuss issues that are important to you.

Stayin’ Safe is the nation’s premier on-street motorcycle training program to provide real-time coaching in real-life riding environments. Developed by acclaimed motorcycle safety expert Lawrence “Larry” Grodsky, Stayin’ Safe has trained hundreds of motorcyclists over the past 15-plus years. For more information about the Stayin’ Safe program, visit http://www.stayinsafe.com


One Response to “About the Stayin’ Safe blog”

  1. gershon Says:

    Hopefully this is the right place to send this. I’m still trying to work out the protocol for this blog.

    I’m fully in agreement that 90% of motorcycle crashes can be avoided. In my opinion, good observation is can usually prevent the use of great skills. But sometimes one needs to use both.

    I took this video a year ago just outside of Monroe City, MO. It was 400 miles into a long day, so I had every excuse not to pay attention and to zone out.

    Back then, I’d video all my rides just in case something like this happened. Then I’d go back and review it to see if I could have done something better.

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